An experimental program for structural engineering application

A simple supported beam with superimposed loads

Purpose: compute/plot: deflection, slope, bending moment, and shear force diagrams

Input data for beam properties:
 Beam span length (m)   L = 
 Beam's section area moment of inertia (10-6 m4  I = 
 Young's modulus (109 N/m2  E = 

Combined loads (max. 2 point and 2 distributed loads) will be superimposed on this beam.

Input data for 0-2 point loads:
    #1  #2   ← uncheck to exclude load(s)
 Point load (kN)  P = 
 Distance from left (m)   a =   a ≤ L

Input data for 0-2 distributed loads:
    #1  #2   ← uncheck to exclude load(s)
 Distributed load (kN/m)  q = 
 Left unfilled distance (m)   a1  a1+b1 < L
 Right unfilled distance (m)   b1  a1+b1 < L

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