Lat-long to UTM Conversion + Side Shots

[Input] From Lat/Long (WGS84)
Latitude : ° (-80→84)
Longitude: ° (0→360)
UTM zone number:
(Overriding fails if longitude is not reasonable)
[Output] To Northing/Easting (UTM) Zone : ? Northing : m (N1) Easting : m (E1) Scale factor: Convergence :° . .
Carry-over values, (N1,E1,h) for side shot: (N1) Northing : m (E1) Easting : m (U1) Height (h) : m ←Edit as required
position fix on utm
Side_shot from (N1,E1) with (dist,azim)
Distance: m (0→1200)
Azimuth: ° (0→360)
(N2) Northing: m (E2) Easting: m
position fix by azim-elev-range
position fix by azim-elev-range
3D side_shot from (N1,E1,U1) by (azim,elev,sdist)
Azimuth: ° (0→360)
Elevation angle: ° (-75→75) Slope distance: m (0→800)   (N3) UTM_Northing: m (E3) UTM_Easting: m (U3) Height: m
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