Least-squares adjustment computation of differential levelling network

Select data input mode:

(Normal: manual data input; Demo: use data from demo data sets)

§[Step 1: Normal data input mode]
Input data

 « Choose number of observations (level lines):
 « Choose number of parameters (connected stations with no elev.)
 « Choose number of BMs (connected benchmarks with known elev.)

Click 'Create input form' button to apply.

Then proceed to enter your data in step 2.

§[Step 1: Demo data input mode]
Load sample data

 « Choose one of provided data sets to load.

Click 'Load data' button to load data set selected above.

Then, proceed to Step 2 to examine the data and click 'Execute' button to continue.

§[Step 2]
Input data from step1: n = 0; u = 0; bm = 0;
Data input:
Select / insert values for observations and other data. Then click 'Execute' button to perform adjustment computation.


Observation data

Levelling station data

Benchmark data

Note: Input data in the tables above can be edited and re-executed.

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